Jera P

I started working with Alyssa because I knew I had to do something once and for all to heal my relationship with food. Her comprehensive program is not just a diet and exercise program, it is the whole picture - mind, spirit, body, - and I feel like this is what I have been missing. I did not have the healthiest relationship with food and would often restrict by going on certain “diets”, only to “fall of the wagon” and be right back where I started, only with more guilt and shame. I truly feel that I have started to heal my relationship with food, and I have learned so much about nutrition while working with Al. I no longer restrict anything, and I am feeling better every week. This is a completely realistic, healthy way of eating and caring for myself that I feel like I will be able to maintain for the rest of my life. Alyssa meets you where you are at, and and her knowledge of nutrition, exercise, and self-love is pushing me to be the best version of me. If you are questioning whether to make a commitment and invest in yourself, I challenge you to do it. I have absolutely no regrets and would do it again in a heartbeat 💗


Cozette E

Limitlyss Wellness has been an eye opener for me in regards to my entire wellbeing, specifically, my spiritual and mental well-being. Without those two thriving, physical health simply doesn’t work. Changing mindsets and perspective regarding food and living this lifestyle has opened my eyes up to a multitude of things, one of them being, freedom. Acknowledging the emotion behind the food I eat and the way I feel has allowed me to better control my choices. It’s also brought light to the emotion behind the treats and if those are being eaten out of happiness or bitter emotion. This program has given me tools to give myself grace in the gym and kitchen and live a more joyful life. I love this program.


Tanya J

With a whole lot of education, guidance, and incredible support, Al helped me reframe how I think about my body and my relationship with food. She takes a holistic approach toward health, and this has made all the difference for me in my journey. I look better, feel better, and overall, have a more gracious attitude toward myself after working with Al. Even though I went into the program wanting to lose weight, all of the other positive outcomes makes the weight loss seem like a side effect rather than the main value of the program. Thanks to Al for helping me see that there is great strength in finding a balanced and positive perspective in how I relate to food and body image. This is no fad diet and there is nothing that is off limits and she doesn't sell all sort is supplements. It was all about real food, making good choices and walking with me through the journey. Oh, and the workouts were a good way! I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to make a life-long change to a more positive and healthy approach to wellness.


Karen W


This word has given my world a new meaning!

Frustrations, being stuck because My over all well-being was suffering.
Alyssa’s mentoring and sincere kindness brought back “ME”.
Physical health is my biggest concern but she guided me through a series of “what entails your entire you?”
Believe me, it’s just not physical. Emotional, believing in what ever higher place, but the best part is she taught me GRACE..
Giving yourself that peace is absolutely ok!!!
I forgave myself and learned to not be so hard on me if I thought shoot I didn’t work out, I am tired.
Thank you, Alyssa and your program!!
There is not one day I do not use the word GRACE!!!! ❤️


Rachel N

I contacted Alyssa during a time in my life where there were a lot of changes happening, and my health was not where it should be. With the help of the Limitlyss program, I not only got physically healthier, but mentally healthier, spiritually healthier, and my overall lifestyle is healthier. Al gets it. She and her program helped me to lose weight while living life fully, and helped me gain a whole new outlook on how I can live life moving forward. I’m so thankful that I took the chance and gave myself the gift of signing up for her program. Worth every penny, many times over!


Tedi R

Limitlyss Wellness has opened my mind to wellness being more than just physical fitness. The combination of mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional has truly changed my life. I have opened my life more to Christ and have been more reflective on my thoughts. Throughout it all Al has been incredibly supportive and has helped me through this journey.


Taylor W

Alyssa helped me to heal my relationship with food because the limitlyss program preaches balance. I can now go out to eat and enjoy myself without feeling any guilt! I no longer feel the need to binge eat anymore since I am not restricting anything! She also assisted me with restoring my faith in God. Not only has my physical health improved, but my mental and spiritual health have significantly increased. By focusing on the inside, I am truly a much happier and healthier person! It has improved my relationships in my life. Everyone needs this program I highly recommend it!


Steph T

I am more than half way done with Alyssa's program and I have never felt better, both mentaly and physically. I have learned a lot about myself with her mind, body, spirit take on life. During this program and I am learning to "take care of me" as a whole and my life is much better from it. The lessons I have learned will stick with me for a lifetime!


Ann S

We all deal with the stresses that impact our lives differently. Mine was food. I knew about losing weight - I'd lost 30 pounds twice before, and here I was again, facing those same 30+ pounds. Loving friends who value health and well-being connected me with Coach Al. What a difference her program makes!  I learned not only about nutrition but about dealing with the emotional and spiritual components that make up our overall good health. I even looked forward to the homework as a chance for self-reflection and deeper understanding of my relationship with food.  I lost 20 pounds in 12 weeks. It wasn't hard. I followed the program and did the work. More importantly, I feel far better prepared to keep the weight off. Coach Al is a loving, guiding educator who will help you achieve your health goals. Love Coach Al!


Katie D

12 weeks ago, after a weekend of drinking beer and eating pizza, I started working with 

Alyssa Gawboy

, and well... the results have been amazing! 

I have always done #allthefitness, and eaten “mostly healthy,” but it turns out I honestly just needed some true guidance and accountability.
You guys, Al is a magician!
Not only do I feel better physically, but I am also FINALLY getting decent sleep... and all of this makes me a WAY better mom!
If you’re looking for that push, reach out to Al. You will NOT regret it!

I just started training for my first half marathon and it's so much easier now that some of the extra weight is off.


Nicky Z

I had been working out at the gym pretty hard for the last 2 1/2 years.  I did group training, small group training and would work out on my own as well.  I ate "healthy" and was not seeing much for results.  I've never been one to get hung up on a number on the scale, I just wanted to feel good about my body and feel good in jeans.

I saw a mutual friend on facebook have amazing results from working with Al and she was posting all these pics of food that looked amazing, including carbs and fats!!  I decided to join and start the week of Christmas needless to say I was nervous but I was actually able to stay on track with my macros eating xmas dinner!!  Fast forward 12 weeks my weight is down and even more impressive to me is my side by side photo from before and now.  I can see my results and I feel good in my skin!.  I now know what my body needs to function properly.

Al taught me that it's ok to eat!  


I no longer feel guilty when I eat and mentally I know my body needs it, I can hear you say " your body will know what to do with it."  Thank you so much Al for doing more for me in the last 12 weeks than I was able to accomplish in the 2 1/2 years prior! I am stronger physically and more importantly emotionally.


Amy L

Before working with Al, I can honestly say I hadn't eaten a carbohydrate in three years. I knew I wanted to lose weight but I just kept hearing I needed to up my cardio and decrease my carbs. I was always so jealous of the people who could eat fruit and not feel bad about it.

Al worked with me weekly to heal my metabolism and introduce food groups again. The physical changes have been great, but I truly am enjoying the mental, emotional, and spiritual changes even more. I cried writing this today because my mental health/the way I see things is so much better than it ever has been and I know this will make all the difference in keeping the weight off. 

Al has truly guided me to food freedom and a body positive mindset. The weight loss is just a bonus for me.


Michelle L

Al [Alyssa] has been a life saver for me. I never even knew I needed the holistic, deeper insight that Al has provided me these last few months. My intentions were to just lose a few pounds and gain some knowledge on nutrition. What she has given me is so much more! I have transformed from the inside out with her guidance, acceptance and her ability to push me with her caring yet tough and true coaching. She is easy to talk to, pushes me to see my victories, and engages with me on a personal level. I feel heard and understood. She has customized my plan to fit me so that I can continue to make progress from the inside out. I am so thankful for Al in my life and for all that she has given me and helped me to see within myself!


Emi C

After I had my last baby I could not lose my baby weight. I was stuck at the same weight for 4 months. Normally I can lose my baby weight pretty quickly. I would just cut carbs and skip meals. I didn’t have a good relationship with food and terrified of eating carbs. My way was not working this time! I got a hold of Al and she sent me my plan really quickly. The first 7 weeks in, I’ve lost 16 pounds!! I feel so much better. My clothes are starting to fit again! I get to eat all these good foods that I was terrified to eat before! I don’t feel GUILTY for eating....I now enjoy tracking my foods and learning how to make healthier choices. I could not say enough great things about Al’s program. She is very inspiring and she’s there whenever you need her! I love the support and I love how I am feeling.


Tanea M

Are you looking for someone who can meet you where you are at in your journey? Often times trainers (exercise and nutrition) force unrealistic, unsustainable expectations on you, that only work while you are with them, if that. But that is not real life. If you need a coach who really uses their expertise and experiences to guide you on a realistic journey that can sustain you for the long term, without a doubt, you need you call Alyssa.  I worked wit her for the first 7 months or so of a new life path, and completely changed my life to a healthy, strong, sustainable lifestyle. I am down 110 pounds and I am never looking back!

jason f.jpg

Jason F

I have had the pleasure of working off and on with Al for the past three years.  It is during this time I have learned so much about the importance of taking care of your mind, body, and soul and how in order to be healthy it is about fueling each of those three components.  Her support along the way is what makes Al stand out in my opinion. She is there to coach you and guide you through this process.  As a teacher and coach myself, I appreciate this very thing because oftentimes you need that extra push and support in life.  Because of Al, I have lost 50lbs as a whole and I can honestly say I feel great about who I am and Al is to thank for that.  #TrustTheProcess


Linnae F

Alyssa is an amazing health and lifestyle coach. We have been working together to heal me from the inside out. My life has always been centralized with exercise, but now I realize that overall wellness is much more important than just physical health. Alyssa pushes me, and as I study and read her education, I learn more about myself. This program allowed me to really be the BEST version of me, so I can be there for the other people in my life who need me. I have always felt that Alyssa really HEARS me and helps me realize it is okay to have emotions and feel the way I feel sometimes. Alyssa has been a real 'eye opener' and has taught me how to truly find balance in all areas of my life. Don't be afraid to reach out - I am so happy I did!


Paul N

Al is much more than a fitness/motivational coach. She inspires me daily with her wisdom and true care for others. Because of this program, I have gain in my faith, and have gotten even closer to God through Al's sharing and her prayers. Through the specific learnings and mental homework of this program, I feel like I am growing into a better version of myself every single day. I eat healthier now and feel the benefits as my body responds to Al's nutrition advice. The specific workouts designed for me continue to bring me closer to my goals. I have and will continue to recommend Al and her program to anyone who truly wants to be better from the inside out. Al uses her God-given talents to give back, help others, and heal from the inside out.


Todd & Mandy V

We've been on Alyssa’s Wellness program since July of this year and it has truly been a blessing.  She connects with you on a personal level to customize a fitness and nutrition program to fit your lifestyle and at the same time puts a strong emphasis on mental and spiritual health.  Not only does she hold you accountable on a week to week basis, she also takes the time listen to make adjustments to the program to improve your overall health. Patience and consistency - two very well known words that we're reminded of weekly. We are so grateful for the holistic approach to fitness. Too often we let the number on the scale dictate our success, when realistically it's only a tool to help hold us accountable. Our body compositions have changed so much and our jeans fit! Optimism changes your destination, and perseverance helps get you there.    


Oliva S.

I have had a very long and inconsistent road with fitness and wellness. I reached out to Alyssa early on in 2020 looking to find balance in my life and in my fitness journey. It was a truly vulnerable place for me to be, but honestly reaching out was the best decision I ever made. She helped me heal my relationship with working out and taught me how to train and eat because I love my body, not because I hate it. I have accomplished more in the last 6 months than I did in 6 years. So grateful for a coach that understands the importance of not only balance in physical fitness, but also mental fitness. The amount of self love I have learned to give myself, honestly, is better than any fitness goal I have accomplished. 


Kayleigh H

Al has been not only THE BEST coach, but she has taught me that it's ok to feel uncomfortable in my own skin, but in the end it's what you decide to do about it... with that being said, I have never felt so comfortable, so relieved, so NEW. it's almost like a fresh start but this is only the beginning! Everyone goes through a period where they don't like what they look like, and it's usually hard to open up to someone and let them in with your insecurities, but Al made it SO easy. For that I'll always be thankful. I am thankful for her constant encouragement, love, and devotion to all her clients. My life wouldn't be the same without her.


Dannie E

I had been looking for a coach for (literally) months and no one stuck out to me nor did I resonate with. My goals were not only to be physically fit and learn about nutrition, but to continue to grow mentally and emotionally through my journey. What Al does and how she does it not only has exceeded beyond my expectations, but I can honestly say I haven’t felt this good physically and mentally in years. (I’ve had quite a few people comment on it!) I love that I get homework and readings each week to keep me on my toes and keep me learning and growing. The more I’ve been able to soak up and learn, the easier it has been to stay on track. I would give this program a 20/10 if there was a rating! It’s been one of the best investments for myself in a long time. You will never regret investing in something that helps you grow into the best version of you and that helps you live your best life.


Nate H

The program Alyssa put together for me was one of the best I’ve done. In the past I have lost weight with many different diets such as keto, carb cycling, and very restricted macros. Alyssa's program has offered me so much more, with my relationship with food, mental health, and the kick butt workouts. I would again and have already recommend Alyssa to everyone. I am looking forward to reaching all of my goals and living the healthy life style for years to come.  


Dani S

Being on this program has been the best thing I’ve done for myself. 

I didn’t know how much my body could change through nutrition!

I was depressed and tired of trying diets that never worked for me. I didn’t feel confident with my body after having kids and I thought the only option was plastic surgery. 

I'm so amazed with the results after only 12 weeks! I have a great relationship with food, I love my new workouts, I feel strong and confident, and I have grown spiritually and mentally.

I love the fact that I can take all I learned and apply it to my life for good without restricting myself. It feels so amazing to feel this way.


Joanna C

Al has helped me realize that food is only one aspect to achieving my overall goal with my health.  Al has helped me refocus my thoughts into a healthy relationship with food, as well as recognizing my need to reduce my stress and increase my sleep. These two factors have helped me lose weight.  I have learned to be kind to myself and allow myself grace.  I have learned that I need to sleep and find ways to reduce my stress.  These two new practices are allowing me to have a stronger mental health, emotional strength and a positive look at how I see my body.


Sandi N

I have tried  many fitness and nutrition coaches and never got the results I have gotten from Al.

She has helped me reach my physical goals. I not eat better and feel better with more energy, but I have a stronger connection with my husband and family and am strengthening my connection spiritually. I will continue to recommend Al to ones I care for that truly want to bet better in all ways. I am so thankful and look forward to continuing my journey with Al.


Kendra E

I have been following Alyssa on Facebook for quite some time. I have always enjoyed her positivity, strong faith, her approach on mental health and fitness. All of these aspects are so important in making goals and reaching them the "right" way. I have had the best experience with Alyssa. I love that I can always count on her with all aspects. I have learned so much from her and am so thankful God put her in my life!


Molly N

What I love most about this program is that it isn't a diet - it's lifestyle. 

I can't even tell you what I was eating 9 weeks ago! One thing that will always stay with me that Al says is this isn't a race - this is you changing your forever life. 

I love this!