Your Body Is Never WRONG.

How many times have you gone to a store and grabbed your 'normal size' in jeans or a shirt and it just didn't fit right?

Maybe it was too tight in the waist line or you felt like you were going to rip out the back of the shirt.

So then you sigh, take the item of clothing off and sulkingly put it in a pile of 'NOs" and being to feel unworthy and depressed.

And then, it's just not fun to go shopping for clothing anymore.


I'm here to tell you that your body is NEVER wrong. The clothing is what's wrong.

You see, hundreds of years ago, we never had a thing called 'standardized sizing'. There was a seamstress who would MAKE YOUR CLOTHES for your SPECIFIC BODY.

And guess what? This was great! All of our clothes fit our bodies perfectly!

However, now there's these large department stores have streamlined clothes production and have come up with 'standardized sizes' to make clothing more inexpensive for their customers. Which is GREAT, but at the same time, really messes with our heads.

Depending on the store you're at or the style of clothing you choose, sizes are ALL OVER THE PLACE.

We pick up one size in one store and we are a completely different size in another store. Because these are STANDARDIZED SIZES.

Your body is NEVER wrong. It's the clothes that are wrong.

All of us have different bodies and we are all built differently. If we were all the exactly same size and weight, how boring and mundane would the world be???

When I go shopping, I like to think that the clothes are auditioning for ME! They're 'interviewing' to see if they get to hop in my shopping bags and ride home with me.

I no longer attach a negative thought or negative emotion to the circumstance of a style of clothing not being the right size or the right cut for my body.

I talk about body love and this topic much deeper in Loving Your Body 101 on the Limitlyss. podcast.

If you're looking to get healthier, great.

If you're looking to lose some body fat, awesome.

And we're here to help you do that the RIGHT way.

But let me tell you, it all starts with loving your body for the way it is RIGHT NOW and having the right stream of motivation for making healthy changes to your life.

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