Why Your Gym Routine This Fall Won't Get You Your Weight Loss Results (and what to do instead!)

I assume you’ve done this before... it’s near the end of the summer (and you’ve derailed a bit with your health/weight loss goals 😬), so you decide it’s time to get back to the gym!

You grab your new Lululemon workout gear and Nike tennis shoes in hopes of keeping your “new found” motivation into the fall and heck, even the New Year! You start planning some healthier meals that include more vegetables and you increase your water consumption. You start cutting out most processed foods you enjoy because “I had too much fun this summer and it’s time to cut back.” Maybe you hire a personal trainer who kicks your butt twice a week, and then tells you to go home and “eat clean”.

Maybe your friends tell you to increase your cardio because that’s what worked for them when they were trying to lose weight. Maybe you just think you need to decrease your carbs and cut out sugar. Here’s the truth... None of these “tips” are going to be effective if they’re not sustainable for YOUR lifestyle. You don’t need another cookie cutter meal plan and exercise plan this year that’s going to fail. This year has been hard enough. What you need is a holistic wellness program that changes your mindset, holds you accountable, and doesn’t make you rely on your willpower to reach your goals. I’ve worked in many gyms over the years, and I’ve seen why clients seem to “fall off the band wagon” a few weeks or months into their new ‘fitness routine.’ If you have some weight loss goals, it truly is more of a mental/emotional battle than it is physical. I slaved away for years in large corporate gym settings, and felt like I was doing my clients a disservice by simply telling them to eat their broccoli and spot them on their last rep. If I wasn’t addressing their mental/emotional/spiritual challenges, I was completely missing the point. This year I finally broke away and designed a program based on what other programs were missing. I am not able to help clients so much more by working with them and coaching them virtually than just kicking their butt with an hour in the gym every day.

Here’s why:

❌Personal trainers are only focusing on your ACTIONS aka the workout side of things…

❌Burning calories at the gym are not going to make a difference if you’re EATING the calories back the other 23 hours of the day…

❌Your thoughts are more powerful than your actions. And that’s why if you want to make some sustainable changes for the long term, you need to start there (or your results from the gym/eating 'healthy' won't last)

I talk a lot about the CTFAR model and this is where I start with our Limitlyss clients. This abbreviation stands for:

Circumstance: a situation that we have little to no control over

Thoughts: the meaning we put behind the circumstance

Feelings: the emotion we put behind the thought

Actions: (or inaction) how we react to our feelings

Results: the effects of our actions

Therefore, our thoughts can directly affect the results we are experiencing in our lives.

Check out our free challenge if you’re looking for where to start with rewire those negative thoughts. It's time to get you SUSTAINABLE results for the long term, and you need a system that is predictable and has a proven record of results.

You need:

👉🏼Support. Not only from your family, but from an entire community who wants to see you succeed.

👉🏼A realistic plan that is sustainable for your lifestyle

👉🏼A program that supports you spiritually and mentally as well as emotionally.

👉🏼Helpful resources that include more than just dumbbells and a treadmill

Make this fall different. Make it the last time you have to make the same goals you did last fall. Apply now to see if Limitlyss Wellness Programming and Health Coaching is right for you.

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