Start Loving Your Body for All That It Is

Are you just never been satisfied with the way your body, looks no matter how much weight you lose, how strong you are, how well your pants fit, etc.??

…because that was me.

No matter how much weight I lost, I would always want MORE and be comparing myself to people who I thought were way better than me because they were thinner, stronger, prettier, you name it.

And let me tell you…


It took up SO MUCH of my mental space. I spent so much time thinking and dreaming and wishing my body looked different. The harder I would work to change my body, the more I realized that it just wasn’t good enough.

This was a big reason I wanted to include loving your body into the Limitlyss Wellness programming.

Your body is only about 5% appearance.

Your body breathes on its own every day without you telling to do it.

It’s able to digest food without you even thinking about it.

It has eyes in which you are able to see the beautiful world around us and all that God made.

It has arms that can prepare food, pick up our children (or dogs 😉), and volunteer.

It has microscopic cells that die and regrow every day to keep us healthy and functioning optimally.


To be honest, you may never love your body unconditionally.

There will always be someone hotter, someone slimmer, someone fitter to make you question your physique.

You will always have days every now and again where you look in the mirror and just think “ugh” and no amount of cheesy affirmations will prevent that.

That’s why we are starting from ground zero. It’s about working your way up to tolerance, then to acceptance and finally to love.

Instead of aiming for “I am beautiful/I love my imperfections” tomorrow, we’ve got to aim for “I might not like how I look right now but I am sure I’m going to make the most of what I’ve got regardless.”

Here are 5 ways to start loving your body RIGHT NOW:

1. Trust Your Body

The truth is – if you’ve been dieting or manipulating the food you’ve been eating for years to try to achieve a certain look, your body doesn’t trust you. My clients’ previous eating history is usually – starving themselves during the week and then overeating on the weekends. This means your body doesn’t TRUST that you are going to give it the food that it needs to actually function and live the way it needs to.

My suggestion?

Start building a healthy relationship with ALL foods. See our food freedom guide for more help on this, but know that one of the BEST things you can do to begin loving your body is to stop with the restrictive mindset of “I can’t have this” or “I can’t have that.”

Your body KNOWS what to do with calories once we begin introducing them in the right amounts and our bodies can recognize that you aren’t going to continue starving it of nutrients.

Also, consider writing your body a thank you list for all the things that it can do, and consider writing a thank you list in a journal.


Thank you for…

  • Giving me the energy to run an extra few minutes on the treadmill

  • Allowed me to swim with friends

  • Making me feel nourished from my dinner

No matter how small, these thank you’s will remind you that your body isn’t so bad after all.

2. Forget Body Numbers

Ok, ok, I hope you know that these negative thoughts and habits you’ve been drilling into your head aren’t going to completely change OVERNIGHT. Growth and rewiring your brain takes time. There will be days when you feel great and like nothing can get in the way and then there will be days that your head goes down that cattle-chute of negative thinking.

Here’s a helpful way to let go of your number-obsession:

Measure something else:

Instead of continuously weighing yourself, keep track of how many times you smiled today or what compliments you receive.

Instead of thinking about how many pounds you’ve lost, think about what you’ve gained- like the fact that you went to the gym when you didn’t feel like it or how each workout is getting a little easier.

3. Become Your Own Friend

I can guarantee you that you would never tell a friend ANY of the negative comments you are telling to yourself. Instead, you’d probably shower her with praise. “Heck no, you look gorgeous. What the heck are you talking about? Anyone would kill to have a body like yours.”

STOP BULLYING YOURSELF. What if you were able to see yourself this way, too? It takes work, but it IS possible and achievable.

Make a positive response list from a friend’s perspective:

One way to work on this is to create a list of all the negative things you think/tell yourself and then, in a second column, write out each response a friend would say. Spend time focusing on each positive response, repeat it to yourself again and again. The kindness you show yourself

4. Surround Yourself with the Good

Think about all the things you may be surrounding yourself with unintentionally that are causing all of these negative thoughts and feelings about your body.






Keep track of when your negative thoughts are coming up and keep track of what people around you say when it comes to body image.

Also, be aware of what images you see, how “beauty” is depicted in the media you consume.

You might have been taught to hate your body by other people, and you can learn how to un-hate it yourself.

One way to surround yourself with body positivity

Follow positive people on Instagram:

Five inspiring, body-positive Instagram accounts worth following:

5. Make a Body-Peace Plan

Let me repeat, body-acceptance is a journey. It takes time and effort to learn how to un-hate yourself.

So let’s create a roadmap. Consider the advice/ideas I just listed and make a list of the different things you will do to accept your body each day.

Work it into your schedule. When can you sit and reflect on your negative thoughts and when can you practice a little gratitude?

Tip: Set a reminder on your phone to make a Positive Response of Thank you list.

Next, write out an agreement. Think of it as a self-acceptance contract between you and your body.

Here are a few different types of statements you can include in your Body-Peace Plan:

  • “I will..'”

  • “I will not…”

  • “I choose to…”

  • “It is okay if…”

Looking for more ways to help achieve a positive body image and love yourself more?

Book a complimentary discovery call with us and let's chat!

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