I Have No Motivation to Lose Weight... Now What???

Want to know how to find your motivation to lose weight and make healthier changes to your lifestyle?

I’m literally just going to cut to the chase here.


And I’m going to tell you RIGHT NOW that your WHY needs to be a lot deeper than “I just want my pants to fit.” Because there’s going to be days when you could care LESS if your pants fit our not – you just want to eat that donut!

Zig Ziglar once said, “We don’t pay the price for good health… We enjoy the price of good health!”

This quote is so accurate because working out and eating right is about so much more than vanity.

It’s about living a healthier and happier life! Let that sink in!

Most of us can all begrudgingly admit that the motivation when we first start is based on a number on the scale or a certain size we wish to be. Or how we want to look in a swimsuit. That type of reason will only get you so far.

Yes, we are all vain and driven by wanting to look good and be more attractive. We wouldn’t be human if this didn’t push us.

But to stay motivated, we need to dig deeper and reflect more on what working out and eating healthy will provide for us in the long run.

Getting clear on this will make eating those celery sticks and logging miles on the treadmill worth it.

It will keep you going long past when you made the initial goal and hope for the rest of your life.

Everyone has a reason to live a healthier, longer life.

What’s yours?

So the question you need to reflect on and find an answer for is this; WHO or WHAT motivates you to live a healthier, longer life?

This nitty gritty question is a powerful tool to help you discover your why.

By answering this rather important question, we give POWER to our goals.

When we put our health and fitness goals in the perspective of what we live for, sleeping in and eating, that second helping of deep-fried “goodness” begins to lose its luster compared to living healthy for the people we care about for the moments in life that matter most.

Because in reality, it’s not just our waistline that suffers our quality of life and our longevity of life that pay the price when we give in to overeating, inactivity, and unhealthy living.

So sit down and spend some real time to discover your why.

Here are a few ways that can help you identify on a deeper level why you are setting and taking actions towards your goals:

Identify your core values

It is important to have a goal that is aligned with who you are and your unique values. Core values are guiding principles that can prompt inspiration and action toward our goals. Connecting the dots between our goals and core values can provide clarity into why we actually set our goals in the first place. After all, growth towards any goal is usually not linear. This exercise can help us look at the bigger picture when we’re deep in the trenches. Examples of core values could be growth, abundance, wellness, or happiness.

Look to others for inspiration

Our network can provide invaluable inspiration by allowing us to think differently about our “why” and expand what we think is possible. Try having deeper conversations with your closest friends and family or meeting new people aligned with your goals. Have open conversations with others that might think differently, read memoirs, or listen to podcasts. These activities can provide us with inspiration and mindset shifts surrounding our goals. If you have big life goals, getting out there and connecting and learning from others is an important life habit. There is something that we can learn from everyone we meet.

Reflect on a regular basis

Your “why” may become stronger or shift while you are taking action towards your goals. Action creates clarity and provides deep realizations, so it is important to reflect during these “aha” moments. This could be consistent journaling or discussing your progress with a close friend, family member, or trusted practitioner or coach. Sometimes we get too caught up in the “doing” that we forget to take a step back and reflect.

Tying it all together

Your “why” might adjust or deepen over time, and that is expected and normal. Whether you have health, career or other goals, your reason for setting and accomplishing your goal is what is going to get you from point A to point B, especially when it’s not particularly easy. Staying firm and true to your values, seeking external help and inspiration, and reflecting regularly are crucial pieces of the puzzle for reaching and sustaining your goals.

We'd love to talk to you more about how to gain internal motivation to help you lose weight, while getting healthier mentally and spiritually. Watch our free training video here or join our 5 day rewire your brain challenge!

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