Journal Prompts for Clarity, Well-Being, and Healing

I sought help with my anxiety and depression about 6 months ago. I tried to continue to tell myself that I was strong enough and that I didn’t need any help. I tried to talk to friends and family, but when it all came down to it, I felt like none of them understood what I was going through and I felt completely alone.

I needed to talk to someone who truly knew how to listen and not be judgmental. I didn’t even need someone to fix all my problems or give me advice; rather, I just needed a kind and caring ear to sit and listen. Therapy helped me talk through so many emotions that were buried deep inside and also helped me work through many events that happened in my childhood.

When I started therapy, I also had the opportunity to work with a life coach who started motivating and inspiring me in different areas. One of the main focuses was my career and the direction it was (or wasn’t) going.

Have you ever felt like you were failing in your job? Not good enough? Constantly disappointing people? Could never measure up to your coworkers and could never satisfy your boss? Yeah, I’ve definitely felt all these things in my past jobs. And since I tied my career to my identity, I truly felt like I was a failure as a human being. I mean let’s be honest, one of the first questions we ask someone we meet is “What do you do for a living,” or “Where do you work?” I hate that. I hate that so much – as if someone’s identity and worth is tied to something they can produce? Absolute not… that was just one of my many paradigm shifts.

I was encouraged to start journaling – journaling through different areas in my life – mind, body, and spirit to help me heal. In addition to taking a closer look in those areas, I also wrote about my current season in life, and I go back and revisit the same journal prompts often.

Here are a few journal prompts I have used and found extremely effective in helping me address my feelings, emotions, and discovering my strengths.


  • Am I being intentional each day about having a growth mindset? What am I doing each day to make sure I am growing in my faith, spirit, mind, and body?

  • How often do I ask thoughtful questions when making decisions? What kinds of questions do I ask myself? Do I keep an open mind and seek out necessary information before jumping into something?

  • What is taking up the most of my emotional energy right now? Am I coping with this well?

  • What is the cause of my current anxiety? What do I need to surrender, accept, or believe to keep moving forward?


  • How am I practicing self-care day to day? What do I need to start or stop doing to make sure I am making this happen?

  • What can I do to remind myself to take more deep breaths during the day?

  • How am I allowing stress to affect me?

  • Am I prioritizing getting adequate rest and making healthy choices so that I can be there for people in my life?

  • How is my schedule? Am I saying yes to things that are unnecessary, thus causing stress and overwhelm to build up in my life? Is there anything I need to say no to? Anything I need to say yes to?


  • When was the last time I ministered to someone about Christ? How am I being Christ’s disciple daily?

  • Am I regularly setting aside time daily to focus on God?

  • How has worship stirred my soul recently?

  • What does my conversation with God look like throughout the day?

  • When was the last time I read God’s Word? What stood out to me? Was I convicted of any sin I needed to repent? Is there anything the Lord impressed on my heart to start doing?


  • When was the last time I had an authentic conversation with a friend? Who can I call right now and have one of those same conversations who may need it?

  • Does my schedule reflect that community is important to me?

  • The last time I went through something difficult, did I let Godly community in so they could see my sorrow, help, and grieve with me?

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