Most people know that in order to get leaner, you need to be in somewhat of a calorie deficit.

But we get so desperate to lose the weight FAST (like for a wedding, competition, vacation, reunion, etc.) that we cut more than we should too fast…and the result??


👉🏻Daily fatigue

👉🏻Inability to focus & complete tasks

👉🏻Decrease in strength

👉🏻Extreme cravings

👉🏻Rebounding back to our old habits (& gaining even more body fat than when we started initially)

I know how it feels because I’ve done ALL these things in my younger years. I cut calories drastically, worked out HARDER and LONGER, and did all the things “diet culture” told me to do.

This wasn’t sustainable, and was a miserable process. I gained all the weight back and then some, and then was forced to do it all over again for my next “life event”.

This constantly forced me to stay in this black or white thinking, and deeming food as good or bad. It drastically affected my mental healthy and my relationship with my body. It was some of the worst years of my life.

My self esteem was so low. I had no self confidence. My weight was constantly yo-yo-ing and anytime I gained the weight back, I felt guilty and shameful.

So here’s what to do to get leaner & sustain it:

️✨Move your body in a way that YOU ENJOY - walking, dancing, running, biking, weight training, swimming. You need to choose an exercise you enjoy if you want to lose fat & keep it off.

️✨Eat at least 40% of your calories from carbohydrate - and focus on fiber to help with digestion and satiety. Carbohydrate will help sustain your energy levels, even while in a deficit.

️️✨Keep your heart healthy by keeping your body conditioned. I hear so many people “hate doing cardio”, but they also forget that their heart needs it. This could simply be getting in 10,000 steps every day or going for a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes a day.

️️✨GET ENOUGH SLEEP SO YOUR BODY CAN RECOVER. Only getting 4-5 hours of sleep per night is basically asking your body to store fat. Make it a priority. Set yourself a bed time. Do it. Your body will thank you.

️️✨Measure success in OTHER ways than the scale. Can you lift more than you could last month? Are your jeans a little looser? Can you run a little further? Is your energy and focus better throughout the day? Have you stopped craving all your usual junk food? The scale is only one tool we use, and to be honest, I rarely weight myself to hold myself accountable.

️✨️Stay the course and stay consistent. True fat loss takes time… don’t get frustrated and give up when you don’t see all the changes you want in a week, a month, or even 2 months. Give yourself time and start loving the new health journey you are on. Your health is never over.

️️✨Hire a coach if you’re failing in any of these areas. Seriously, stop looking for the short cut. The reason there’s no magic pill to lose weight is because a pill can’t change your thoughts, your habits, your mindset, your eating patterns, etc.

Weight loss is a phenomenal life goal because it has the ability to make you stronger mentally, physically, and even spiritually. It will challenge you in ways you never thought possible. It will show you just how strong and just how capable you are.

When taking on the challenge to receive true transformation on the outside, your insides will change too. And that’s where I see the real success.

That mindset, that success, those habits - that’s how you keep the weight off. Because I’m guessing you’re not reading this just to find another quick way to get the weight off.

So when are you going to actually commit to doing the things you said you were going to do years ago? Why are you still putting yourself and your health on the back burner?

Next steps: sign up for our free 5 day rewire your thoughts challenge and then get on a call with us.

If you’re don’t know what you’re doing, the smartest thing you could do is hire a professional in the field, with a proven track record of results.

Or if you’re having trouble sticking to these steps, a coach can encourage you, check in on you, answer all your personal questions, and help you reach your goals faster.

In Health,

Coach Al

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