How to Consciously Spend Money

Where is your money going?

What are you spending your money on?

Do you even KNOW exactly where it's going??

Ask yourself this - is your money going to where you want your life to be? Is it in alignment with the life you are trying to call?

If you're wondering how to start spending your money more consciously, LISTEN UP:

If the majority of the money you're spending is not in alignment with the life that you want to manifest, then you're putting your energy in the wrong place.

So... where are the money leaks???

Where is the money disappearing to?

How are you spending it?

Are there spots you can tighten up the leaks?

Most of us are afraid to print off our bank statements and go through it to identify exactly where our money is going. We don't truly look and see if our spending is in alignment with our highest self. We don't evaluate if our spending is in alignment with our highest joy, our highest excitement, or our highest inspiration.

Another question to ask yourself...

Is your spending more in alignment to fill a void? Does spending money on a certain thing give you more of a short term high or a short term feeling of worthiness?

So many of us use spending as a way to fill this void of not feeling good enough. So we spend money that we probably don't have on things we don't really need... like clothes or house decorations or alcohol.

>>>But is your intention really inspiration, excitement, and joy or is the intention truly stemming from something under the surface? Is there some pain, or something else you're trying to numb out by spending money?

Because that's what it use to be for me. I use to shop... A LOT. And I would do this so I wouldn't have to sit and think about my feelings. I use to spend a lot of time alone and this is when a lot more of my unconscious spending started. I would feel so good after going to the mall and getting new workout clothes or a new dress and I would get that 'instant high' for a few hours.

However, it was all stemming from loneliness and not wanting to sit with some difficult feelings and emotions. I used it as a numbing technique so i never had to do the 'inside work'. Some people turn to shopping, while others may turn to alcohol or opening the fridge.

So let me ask you this...

Is your "spending" an abundant intention or a void/avoidance filling intention?

If you feel like you are using spending to cope with some of your underlying emotions, I encourage you to check out my blog post on journal prompts for clarity, well-being, and healing or book a call with Limitlyss Wellness to see if we can help balance your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

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