Here's What Happened When I Stopped Following My "Health Plan" for One Year

If you’ve been counting every calorie for years and years and you’ve barley missed more than a few days of your structured workout plan, then this post is for you.

As many of you know, I have always been known as the ‘fitness guru’ in my friends group, at my place of work, and it basically was my identity since as long as I remember.

Even through the first 8 months of Covid, I worked out RELIGIOUSLY on my cycle bike and with weights in my basement. I REFUSED to gain the “Covid-19” or whatever everyone else was saying would happen. I competed AGAIN in bodybuilding for the first time in 5 years after saying I was done with competing and never wanting to do it again.

But something interesting happened after October 2020. I was SO burnt out – I was exhausted physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I didn’t want to even look at another chicken breast. I couldn’t stomach a turkey burger, let alone try to track it in My Fitness Pal.

My hormones were all out of whack – I NEVER could get full. I craved food in the middle of the night and a few times, I even dug food out of the freezer that I hid way in the back and ate it frozen.

I was tired ALL the time.

Just the thought of going to the gym made me anxious. I wanted to do all the things OTHER than exercising.

The only type of exercise I enjoyed doing was walking.

So for the last year, that’s mainly all I did.

I walked and I listened to podcasts.

I walked and played around with my thoughts.

I walked and appreciated the fact that I didn’t need to ‘kill my body’ in the gym in order to feel good.

I stopped tracking all my food.

I stopped worrying about the number on the scale (I had gotten down from 130 pounds to 102 pounds to compete).

And here’s what happened.

I’m not going to lie – my clothes felt tighter, and I could tell I started gaining weight.

When this happened, I packed up all my ‘smaller’ clothes and put them in a bin in my garage. I didn’t need them sitting in the top of my dresser drawer, reminding me that they weren’t going to fit.

After giving myself permission to eat whatever food I wanted in whatever amounts, food lost its power over me. I no longer craved high fat or high sugary foods and didn’t get up in the middle of the night to binge.

I started sleeping better. I wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night starving.

My mind stopped thinking about what I was going to eat next.

I ate when I was hungry, and stopped when I was full. I didn’t focus so much on ‘how many grams’ of this I ate. I chose food I wanted to eat and then stopped when I felt full.

Here’s what else happened.

After a few months of this, after giving myself permission to eat and move how I wanted, I could tell the weight starting to come back off.

I started craving more fruits and vegetables. I had a desire to go back to the gym and begin strength training.

My energy levels came back and I finally felt ‘normal’ again after restricting and then recovering for almost a year.

(me at the gym for the first day in over a year)

I know you’ve had your own journey with your health, just like me. And to be honest, I never thought I'd be the person who just 'stopped working out.' However, this was the first step toward me healing my body, my relationship with food, and my metabolism.

I work with clients that come from all different types of journeys - some have never dieted before in their lives, and others have tried every diet on the planet.

Some have never been able to lose weight, and some have lost and regained the same 10-50 pounds over and over again.

What if... the key to weight loss is not more restriction.

Is not more cardio.

Is not more weights.

What if the key is the thoughts and stories we are putting in our heads about ourselves and the permission we give ourselves or don't give?

That's why I created Limitlyss Wellness. I have had my own personal experience with weight gain, body image issues, and a horrible relationship with food. I wanted to develop a program where people weren't always so concerned with the outward appearance of their bodies... but just as concerned with the insides.

I talk a lot about rewiring your thoughts around not just food, but so many other circumstances in your life.

Taking a year off from the gym and from 'counting all my food' was the BEST thing I could've done for my mental health, emotional health, physical health, and spiritual health.

It helped me heal again. After 8 months of constant dieting, my body needed time to rest. It needed time to reset.

That's why I'm so passionate about meeting my clients where they are at in their health journey. Your health journey is never OVER. Your health never STOPS.

So it's important to find a sustainable plan that works well for you long term - one that supports your health in more ways than just one.

(me today, following a much more sustainable exercise plan and eating plan that isn't focused on restriction)

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